Dee Scallan


Dee Scallan, renowned author/ storyteller and Montessori pre-school teacher for 30 years, is the Louisiana author of the CrawfishTales ™ book series starring Moby Pincher Crawfish. Her illustrator is an eight year old young man named Daniel Myers. A television pilot, targeting reading comprehension, of the Moby Pincher books is currently available on mymobytv.com. Dee is a national artist with the National Endowment of the Arts and is currently providing artist/author school residencies across North Louisiana through a NIA grant connecting literacy to history in which she has written a book about the depression in North Louisiana titled The Great Depression Children from the Present Answer Whispers From the Past. Dee is listed on the Louisiana State Artist Roster as Author and Storyteller. She is a Storyteller Performer for the Louisiana State Library System, and is listed in the Louisiana State Arts Directory as Art in Education Consultant for the Louisiana State Arts Council. Dee is also a Storyteller Performer for the Northeast Texas Library Association. Dee Scallan received an award from the BESE Board and the LA State Department of Education for the CrawfishTales book series. Dee is also Education Consultant for the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council and is a frequent entertainer-performer for Louisiana Public Broadcast’s Educational Division. Dee was the 2008 Louisiana representative, Children’s Division, at Disneyworld’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. In addition, Dee is a storyteller for Prime Time through the National Endowment of Humanities.

Dee is the author/creator of the school-based project We Want To Be Authors © a grade-school literacy-to-history project that is sponsored by the Lt. Governor’s office and The Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board and has been picked up by the PRO PLAYERS & ENTERTAINTAINERS NETWORK™/Youth United for Prosperity, Inc. Second Chance Program and presented on www.mymobytv.com and features programs for children as well as free downloadable books written for children by children for preK-6th grade at www.mobypincher.com. Dee is the 2010 recipient of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Angel Award for her work with children in Louisiana, and was recently awarded a membership of the NFL Alumni Board of Directors—Atlanta Chapter.